Monday, April 10, 2017

Winning Balochistan through use of force ??

WASHINGTON, D.C — Balochistan National Congress (BNC) welcome the statement of Ex-President of Pakistan Mr. Asif Zardari in which he called upon the rulers in Islamabad to win the Baloch citizens hearts and minds through dialogue and negotiation instead of use of force and alienation.
"Balochistan can not and will not be won by the use of force, alienation or marginalization of Baloch citizens and exploiting their resources at gun point to build Punjab and Islamabad but can only be won by addressing, accepting and honoring their genuine demands and reservations regarding their land, coasts and resources and amicably and fairly accommodating them in the Pakistan’s armed forces and Foreign services and treating them equally and fairly well without any discrimination," said Dr. Baloch, the President of BNC. 

He said, Punjab’s exploitation of Balochistan’s resources has the end and the Islamabad’s decades old ongoing wrong and outdated policy of Baloch alienation and marginalization must be replaced with trust and confidence building measures to pave the way for a dialogue,  negotiation and permanent peaceful solution of Balochistan’s bleeding conflict within the federation.      


Balochistan National Congress (BNC) is the new emerging voice of Baloch people, especially the ordinary middle class Baloch men and women, both inside and outside Balochistan, to inspire, lead and empower them and prepare them for the future challenges. Our goal is to promote mutual respect,  understanding, tolerance, recognition and accommodation among all nationalities and peoples of Pakistan.

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