Sunday, April 17, 2016

Pakistan new Gulf player at Gwadar

by Brigadier Nadir Mir

I have preached “Gwadar” like a philosophy at home and abroad. At the IISS Manama Dialogue 2015, I gifted this book to many delegates and added that ‘Pakistan is the New Gulf Player at Gwadar’. In 2013, I had written my second book ‘Geopolitik Pakistan’ or Weltanschauung-World View. The first book is Geo-economics at Gwadar. The Second book is Geo-strategy for Pakistan.

Gwadar is the real Game Changer for Pakistan. Gwadar in 2016 is developing into a reality due to the bold and visionary leadership of COAS General Raheel Sharif, backed by the defenders of Pakistan. The other factor is all out Chinese support for Gwadar CPEC. The wise Chinese leadership under President Xi Jinping is greatly supportive of Gwadar CPEC.

My February 2016 Gwadar Coastal visit was a revelation. The Army presence and improved security was welcomed by the local Baloch people. In fact the people in Gwadar, Balochistan as in other parts of Pakistan wanted General Raheel Sharif to continue, develop Gwadar and bring peace to Balochistan. The visits of General Raheel Sharif to Central Asia, Russia and recently desert exercises in Saudi Arabia have greatly cemented Pakistan’s bonds with these regions.

Gwadar is a Game changer for both China and Pakistan; therefore its Geopolitical synergy is beyond conventional calculation. Gwadar CPEC makes China a ‘Two Ocean Power’ (Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean).

USA became a Global Power after becoming a ‘Two Ocean Power’ (Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean). Thus China’s Global Rise (peaceful) is very much linked to Gwadar. Gwadar also makes Pakistan a Gulf Player.

· The Gwadar Development links Pakistan to China, Central Asia, Russia and Gulf. Pakistan’s National identity is not merely South Asian. Gwadar Developments make Pakistan the “Central Pivotal State”. Historically, geographically, culturally, Pakistan has been on the crossroads of regions/old empires.

· As I have written in my books, articles and preached in TV talk shows, university lectures “Pakistan is uniquely gifted”.

· Geopolitically Pakistan is both a “Bridge State” and “Interposing State”. It can both bind regions and separate them. Chinese Friends can come to Gwadar but Indian enemies cannot go to Afghanistan through Pakistan.

Pakistan’s economy will get the biggest economy booster at Gwadar, a global city and financial centre of future. GDP rise will be unprecedented. A great economic cycle undreamt in Pakistan’s history including, global energy centre, trade, transit, tourism, maritime interests will be boosted as never before. On development Gwadar CPEC economic cycle may have $1 Trillion turn around for China. Pakistan should aim for over Tens of Billion dollars annually.

Pakistan’s National Security will be boosted tremendously. Pakistan will have great Geopolitical and Geo-economical leverage with China, Russia, Central Asia, Gulf States and many other regions. Gwadar will cement the bond of Pakistan with West Asia and Central Asia besides China. In essence Pakistan’s Geo-strategy will be multi regional. While the existential threat and main adversary will remain India, yet Pakistan will emerge as player of many regions.

Security — The security situation has greatly improved. Greater and new forces including, CPEC Special Division forces, Naval Marines, Coastal Defence forces, FC Balochistan, Coast Guards, and others are all contributing to defeat Indian/foreign supported terrorists. The capture of an Indian senior RAW agent in Balochistan speaks volumes of Indian game plan.

The serving Indian Naval Commander and his network had been spreading terrorism, separatism and anarchy. The ISI and other Intelligence forces at Gwadar/Balochistan are launching effective intelligence based operations. With greater technology, helicopters, drones, the Indian/foreign funded terrorists will be totally defeated. Real security is the support of the local Baloch people who celebrated National Day 2016 at Gwadar with great zeal and fervor.

Our brave, honourable, Baloch people and Armed Forces are united to develop Gwadar, Baluchistan and defend it. Pakistan Navy highly respected in coastal areas, has been joined by the Pakistan Army to serve the proud Baloch. Schools for children (with gratis or nominal fees), medical facilitates/camps more so for Baloch women and children is the need of the hour. Jobs for Baloch people and full share in all economic activates will win over all to the Gwadar Cause. The honourable Baloch will become the richest Pakistanis as Gwadar develops.

Similarly people from all over Pakistan and investments in Gwadar are to be welcomed.

However the Federal/Provisional Governments should ensure fraud in land deeds is eliminated. All investors in Gwadar must have their investments assured by the State. Gwadar and its bonanzas is the right of all Pakistanis, with the honourable Baloch being first. Pakistani, Chinese and foreign investments, developments will help change Gwadar from a fishing town to a Global Metropolis. ‘The New Dubai’ as per Robert D Kaplan (Monsoon: The Indian Ocean and the Future of American Power).

As Gwadar is secured, develops and links to the world, it is time to explore it as the base for the New Gulf Player. Destiny beacons Pakistan to become the New Gulf Player at Gwadar. To the west of Pakistan the Middle East is unraveling. This “Uncontrolled Chaos” has reached Turkey and may reach Gulf States. The Saudi-Iran clash continues, while Daesh like militants may creep in further. Pakistan as a Gulf Player can combine with Turkey, Saudi/GCC and coordinate with Iran for peace.

Pakistan can also get support from China, Russia and Central Asian States. The Gulf is the natural outlet for SCO. By the same token, Pakistan as a Gulf Player can facilitate and assure US-UK. Both are hemmed in with US 5th fleet at Bahrain and the recent British presence at Bahrain. Pakistan is peace mediator in Afghanistan. It should also be a mediator and peacemaker in the Gulf along with other peace partners.

During the International Institute Strategic Studies (IISS) Manama Dialogue 2015, I suggested Pakistan as Gulf Player, which was welcomed by Saudi Prince Khalid Al Faisal, US CENTCOM Gen Lloyd J Austin and others. Pakistan as a Gulf Player can support both Saudi Arabia-Turkey, mutually while maintaining friendly ties with Iran.

· Pakistan’s Geopolitical, Geo-economic enhanced clout in Gulf (West Asia) and Central Asia.

· India’s ‘Westward Policy ‘checkmated or at least challenged. Pakistan can in fact decisively defeat India in Gulf.

· Pakistan’s alliance with Saudi Arabia, Turkey cemented, while maintaining friendship with Iran.

. SCO and Gulf can be combined through Pakistan.

· Pakistan National Security not limited to India-Afghanistan but includes Gulf to be secured.

· Pakistan’s Maritime interests and Navy boosted.

· Pakistan as Gulf Player can facilitate China, Russia and by the same token cooperate with USA-UK in Gulf.

Brigadier Nadir Mir (R) is a soldier, scholar, reformer and author of books ‘Gwadar on the Global Chessboard’ and ‘Geopolitik Pakistan’ and working as a National Reformer.

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