Wednesday, March 2, 2016

BCNA wishes Baloch Nation worldwide a Happy Baloch Culture Day.

WASHINGTON, D.C: The Baloch Council of North America (BCNA), wishes all the Baloch people worldwide a Happy Baloch Culture day. 

The language and culture are the identity of a nation and BCNA proudly celebrate the International Baloch culture day with their fellow Baloch citizens worldwide", said Dr. Wahid Baloch, President of BCNA.

He asked the Baloch youth to shun the path of militancy and violence and concentrate on their education so that they can be better prepared for the future challenges.

He said, BCNA believe that Pakistan belongs to all Balochs, Sindhis, Punjabis, Sarikis and Pashtuns and all of them have the equal right to promote their National identity, language, culture and traditions without any fear, intimidation or coercing.

BCNA believe in diversity. We believe that diversity is a power and not a cause of disunity or fragmentation. 

He said, Allah (swt) and his Messenger Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) supports diversity. Allah (swt) says in the Holy Quran," O mankind! Lo! We have created you male and female, and have made you nations and tribes that ye may know one another (not so that you may fight, oppress, occupy, convert or terrorize one another). Lo! the noblest of you, in the sight of Allah, is the best in conduct. Lo! Allah is Knower, Aware". Holy Quran sūrat l-ḥujurāt, Verse (49:13)

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)'s Last Sermon to Mankind.

Pakistan's rich cultural and ethnic diversity must be honored and strengthened as it will help promote harmony among different religious and ethnic groups and nationalities.

In order to bring peace and harmony in Pakistan, an atmosphere of friendship, co-operation, tolerance, mutual respect, understanding and accommodation among all nationalities in Pakistan should be promoted, supported and encouraged. The terrorism, religious extremism and violence should be denounced in its all forms and shapes.


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