Saturday, January 16, 2016

This world is temporary; KP, Balochistan to get western route in afterlife: Maulana Ahsan Iqbal

Lahore – Our Mullah Correspondent: Speaking to reporters at a press conference in Raiwind, Maulana Ahsan Iqbal said that this world was a temporal, ephemeral construct and it was no more real than the bubbles on a brook of water.

“This dunya is but a fleeting memory of the seemingly tangible,” said the Maulana. “It is on the afterlife that I would like to convince the political parties of KP and Balochistan to focus themselves.”

“My friends from the ANP, PTI or however many you are: do you think you will live forever? Do you think any particular road will stand the upheaval of the Day of Judgment?” asked Iqbal, with an emotional fervour. “No, it is only the afterlife where you can get what you really need.”

“The western route shall indeed be built, but not by the mortal hands of Pakistani labour, nor is it going to be designed by some Chinese engineer,” he continued. “But, it is going to be brought into existence by the Creator Himself.”

Answering a question about what KP and Balochistan can, indeed, expect in this life, Iqbal replied, “Well, this world is not going to be all hardship. We can hope that the next Coke Studio has at least three artists from both these provinces.”

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