Saturday, January 16, 2016

Balochistan Ulema condemn attack on security forces

Sunday, January 17, 2016 

Quetta—The Ulema of Provincial Polio Task Force have condemned the killing of security forces deployed on the security of the polio workers, terming such acts as conspiracies to malign Islam and Pakistan. Addressing a press conference at Emergency centre, the Ulema of Provincial Polio Task Force Dr. Atta ur Rehman, Moulana Anwar ul Haq Haqani, Mufti Abdul Baqi, Moulana Abdul Rahim Rahimi, Moulana Abdul Rasheed Azhari urged the government to net the culprits and award them punish-ments. Balochistan Coordinator on Polio Emergency Cell, Dr. Saif ur Rehman was also present on the occasion.

Renowned Religious scholar Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman said that Quran guarantees the protection of human life, property, belief and dignity, adding that not only this but four holy books and more than 100 holy manuscripts also give the same lesson. He was of the view that as many as 0.4 million children die each year in Pakistan due to lack of preventive inoculation, adding that if someone has any reservations against polio drops, they should come up with their objections to discuss them.

He said that as many as 74 thousand refusing parents have been convinced so far for administering polio drops to their children and added that as many as 777 Ulema were working in their Union Council under the banner of Ulema Task Force to convince the masses about the efficacy of the programme. He said that 70 Ulema were supervis-ing the task force among whom are Moulana Muhammad Hanif Jalandari, Moulana Rafi Usmani, and many others, adding Shariah Does not allow the parents to kill their children or leave them prone to any such diseases which may leave them handicapped or cause their death.—APP

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