Sunday, December 20, 2015

Call for PM to pay attention to Balochistan

December 19, 2015

ISLAMABAD: The president, prime minister and federal ministers were asked in the Senate Friday to pay attention to Balochistan and its people, majority of whom was still deprived of health and education, clean drinking water, power and gas supply and roads.

 PML-Q Senator Rubina Irfan from Balochistan in her speech on the President’s address to the joint sitting of the Parliament, contended that those, whose problems were not heard and denied jobs and other economic opportunities, tended to look for other options.

 “We deliver speeches here and raise issues but who listens and takes notice of these? Kalat Press Club building is incomplete for years just for want of mere Rs. 6 lakh,” she claimed.

Prime Minister was criticised for ignoring chief ministers of other provinces and taking along Punjab chief minister during his visits to China.

Taking part in the debate on the presidential address to the two Houses of the Parliament assembled together on June 04 this year, PPP’s Sassui Palijo said that the recent visit of the PM to China reflected nepotism, as he took along his own brother and ignored the smaller provinces. She said the government was devoid of any vision to lead the nation and take along the four federating units.

The ruling PML-N Senator Lt Gen (R) Abdul Qayyum noted it was a matter of satisfaction for the President that the democratic process was under way and everyone was free to express views, courts were functioning independently and FIR could be lodged even against a prime minister.

He noted the President had pointed out some weaknesses in his address, that included the need for paying more attention to tax collection and there were also some grey areas in the implementation of the National Action Plan, which underscored the need for soul-searching by the government.

The senator noted that Tharparkar was the poorest among 126 districts of Pakistan, followed by Kohistan, Batagram and Hangu in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Similarly, quoting a survey, he said, poverty was recorded 19 per cent in Punjab, 22 per cent in Sindh and 33 per cent in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan was the poorest among four provinces. He advocated targeted responses to these statistics. 

He pointed out the opposition mounted criticism on the Prime Minister, referring to sending ‘sari and mangoes’ for Indian PM Modi, the chief executive ran successful foreign policy, forcing India for resumption of dialogue process and stopped reliance on the Middle East and focused on China, Russia and other countries in the East.

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