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BLF leader Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch makes a dramatic comeback.

Nov 26th, 2015 | By Sajid Hussain |

In a dramatic comeback, Baloch rebel leader Dr Allah Nazar comes out of the dead to rubbish the Pakistan army’s claims that they had killed him months ago in a military operation in Balochistan’s Mashkay area.

In a video released by the Balochistan Liberation Front, which he leads, he says the government is running a propaganda campaign about his death.

“For some time, the government has been spreading propaganda about my death. It’s plain lie.”

Leaning against a rocky hill, with a rifle, news magazines and a water bottle on his side, he appears to be in good health.

He is the main face of the Baloch armed struggle for an independent Balochistan. Rumours about his death had been making rounds for the last few months after Pakistani army claimed they had either killed or seriously injured him in a military operation.

“We are still confirming. There has been no communication and his presence has not been reported since a certain

time, which indicates that he has died,” Balochistan home minister Sarfaraz Bugti had told a press conference months ago.

The video comes two days after Pakistan army announced one million rupees head money on Dr Nazar, confirming that the previous claims about his death were not true.

“I want to tell my people that the national liberation movements don’t end with the death of one person. Today, the Baloch people have a strong and stable organization (Balochistan Liberation Front) which is capable of leading the liberation movement to its destination,” he says in the video, which is recorded in the Balochi language.

He leaves subtle hints about some recent developments in Balochistan to prove the video has been recorded after the military’s claims of his death.

“Today, those who are calling the shots in the National Action Plan, Pakistan Protection Ordinance and the Apex Committee are issuing orders for the Baloch genocide. They include National Party, the ISI, the Muslim League and the MI. They have turned Balochistan into a slaughter house. The nation will avenge every single drop of their martyrs’ blood from them,” he warns.

“Pakistan-China Corridor is a conspiracy to convert the majority Baloch into a minority in Balochistan. The Baloch nation will stand against it and, if God wills, we’ll fail it.”

One of his close aides admitted that he narrowly escaped the operation and the military was not wrong in suspecting that he was dead.

He said the separatist leader had gotten a new lease of life. “It was close. Very close. They almost got him this time.”

Dr Nazar’s two brothers and a nephew were killed during the operation.

“We were in the dark about him for more than a week. He was out of touch. He was not using his satellite phone for security reasons. So we thought he had been killed. On the ninth day, we finally heard he’s still alive,” he added.

The video proving he is alive will give a new impetus to the Baloch separatist movement, as he is considered as the driving force behind it.

In a related development, Dr Nazar’s brother-in-law, Mir Daulat, was killed today (Thursday) by unidentified gunmen in Mashkay area. He had been a militant in the BLF but had surrendered to the army after the rumours about Dr Nazar’s murder. No one has claimed responsibility but it’s believed the BLF is involved in Daulat’s killing, as they might suspect he provided information to the military about the BLF leader’s whereabouts.

Baloch rebels release video of Allah Nazar to prove he is alive

November 26, 2015

ISLAMABAD: Baloch separatist rebels released a video on Thursday purporting to show that leader Allah Nazar, who the government believed it had killed in a raid in August, was alive and leading the insurgency.

The violent campaign in Balochistan poses a threat to $46 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which culminates in the province’s Gwadar port.

The date of the video released by the Baloch Liberation Front (BLF) could not be independently verified, but BLF spokesperson Miran Baloch said it was shot in Balochistan in November.

Mystery (un)resolved: BLF chief Allah Nazar is dead?

“For quite some time the government has been issuing propaganda about my death. This is a blatant lie,” said Nazar, who appeared in the video sitting next to an automatic rifle and wearing an ammunition belt. He vowed to continue to fight.

Two independent sources who have had contact with Nazar, who has been in hiding for years, confirmed it was him in the video, although they did not know when it was filmed.

The BLF is one of several separatist groups that have been fighting against government forces in mineral-rich Baluchistan province for almost a decade. “We have not seen the video so we cannot comment on it,” said Baluchistan Home Minister Sarfaraz Bugti.

In September, Bugti said the government believed Nazar had been killed in a military operation in Awaran district in August.

BLF chief reportedly killed in Awaran operation: Bugti Balochistan is the least developed province, and separatists have been demanding an end to what they say is the exploitation of gas and mineral resources by other provinces.

The rebels have carried out frequent kidnappings and bombings against government and security targets, including gas pipelines and other infrastructure.

Human rights groups say the military has carried out a campaign of kidnapping, torture and extrajudicial killings of suspected separatists.

In the video, Nazar denounced the military intelligence services and the provincial government. “They’ve turned Balochistan into a slaughterhouse. And the Baloch nation will hold these perpetrators accountable for each and every drop of Baloch martyr’s blood,” Nazar said, speaking in the Balochi language.

Many Baloch leaders convinced BLF chief is dead

Allah Nazar, a doctor from the provincial capital of Quetta, is the most prominent Baloch separatist leader still fighting in the country. Others remain in exile, including Baramdagh Bugti, who in August said he was ready to negotiate with the government.

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Earlier News:

Army announces head money for information about Dr Allah Nazar

Nov 24th, 2015 

The Pakistan army has announced head money on several Baloch separatist leaders, including Dr Allah Nazar Baloch,

the chief of the Balochistan Liberation Front, in return for information about their whereabouts.

Posters have been posted on walls in Dr Nazar’s native town of Mashkay in Balochistan by the army with the photos of around a dozen “wanted” Baloch separatists.

Ironically, the army and the Pakistan government had claimed killing Dr Nazar in a prolonged military operation in the aftermath of the last Eidul Fitr.

Since then, no one has heard from the rebel leader who is considered as the leading force behind the Baloch

resistance for liberation. However, his close aides have claimed he is safe and alive.

The army’s decision to put a bounty on him confirms the aides’ claims.

The head money for Dr Nazar is one million Pakistani rupees. For others, the amount starts from 300,000 rupees.

Akhtar Nadeem of the BLF and Dr Mannan Baloch of the Baloch National Movement are other prominent separatist leaders with bounties on their head.

Others include Master Ali, Master Rafiq, Wazeer, Malang, Sana, Swali, Mandost and Khairo.

 Baloch rebel Allah Nazar is dead or injured, says IGFC

Ashraf Malkham

Tuesday, August 11, 2015 

ISLAMABAD: Dr Allah Nazar, one of the most important leaders of the armed rebellion against the state of Pakistan and security forces, is not traceable since the morning of June 18 (Eid day), The News has learnt.

IGFC, Balochistan, Major General Sher Afgan, talking to the media in Quetta on Monday stated that there were reports that Dr Allah Nazar had either been killed or injured but there was no confirmation yet.

Blamed for most of the troubles in the Awaran and Panjgur areas, Allah Nazar communicated with his associates on 18th July (Eid day) at 8:14am. At the same time, his location was attacked. Within 10 to 12 minutes of the attack, security forces reached the area and searched the vicinity in a radius of 10 kilometres but couldn’t trace Allah Nazar injured or dead.

After that day, his communication with his colleagues inside Pakistan has ended. Their wireless conversations with each other show their worry over their failure to contact Allah Nazar. 

Similarly, his supporters outside Pakistan are also worried about him, as he can’t be approached. A call from Nepal was traced last week, showing anxiety of his friends. The callers from Nepal speaking in the Hindi language expressed their resentment in these words, ‘Hazarat je ki chinta hey (worried about respectable man) wo rabaatay mein kion nahi hein”.

Similarly, there was no communication with the Ferraries (his associates in armed rebellion) after the Eid day. A major impact of Allah Nazar’s absence is that the number of terrorist activities throughout the country have reduced significantly.

Dr Allah Nazar is Balochistan’s middle-class nationalist leader. Belonging to a modest family in Balochistan’s town of Mashkay, he started his political career from the Baloch Students Organisation (BSO). He founded his own faction of BSO in February 2002 that openly advocated an armed struggle against the state. In 2003, he went underground to organise his own militant group. His banned outfit made headlines when it claimed responsibility for killing three Chinese engineers in Gwadar on May 2, 2004.

He was picked up by the intelligence agencies on March 25, 2005 from an apartment in Karachi where he had secretly come to meet his old BSO comrades. He remained missing for a year. 

Meanwhile, the BSO initiated mass protests throughout Balochistan and Karachi for his release. On August 12, 2006, Pakistani agencies shifted him to the jail ward of the Bolan Medical Complex in Quetta.

After his release on bail, he went into hiding again and now leads the banned outfit.

Nazar is also against the tribal system. “The current tribal system is not the one our ancestors practised,” he has declared many times. According to him, the Baloch cultural tribal system was distorted by Robert Sandeman during the British rule when sardars were given absolute powers in order to control the Baloch masses.

According to him, most Baloch tribal chiefs, except for Khair Bux Marri, were the stooges of the establishment. So people have lost faith in this system and tribalism is dying a natural death, Allah Nazar has preached among his associates. In many areas of Balochistan, it has vanished for good, Allah Nazar thinks.

He has differences with self-exiled Baloch leader Harbiyar Marri but never admitted it publicly. But his supporters on the social media are openly speaking against Harbiyar Marri. Before his disappearance, he gave the impression that he was trying to mend fences with Harbiyar Marri.

Dr Allah Nazar, son of Nabi Bukhsh Baloch, was born on 2nd October 1968 in a remote area of Awaran, called Mehi, Mashkay. After graduation from high school in 1986, he went to Kech Turbat. 

For higher education in 1987, he took admission in medical department of Atta Shad Degree College. He passed FSc (pre-medical) in 1989. In 1992, he secured a medical seat in the Bolan Medical College, Quetta, and got a gold medal in gynecology in 1999. He had joined the BSO in 1989 when he was in Atta Shad College, Kech.

INP adds: Inspector General Frontier Corps, Balochistan, Major General Sher Afgan, on Monday said that the Indian and Afghan intelligence agencies were involved in the present unrest in the restive province.

He said that spy agencies of the two countries were behind the subversive activities to disrupt peace in the province. “However, our forces with the support of masses have foiled the designs of enemies,” Major General Sher Afgan told reporters at the FC headquarters.

More than 50,000 FC personnel have been guarding the border along Afghanistan and to provide security to 416-km of gas pipelines, 300 kms of railway lines and other vital national installations in Balochistan, said Maj Gen Afgan. “Terrorism is the biggest problem in the province,” he said. The FC chief said despite receiving support from abroad, only a handful of miscreants were present in Balochistan, adding that “their number is on a constant decline.”

In response to a question, Sher Afgan said that the government had already announced a Rs5 billion compensation package for the militants laying down their weapons before security forces, adding that amounts ranging from Rs0.5 million to Rs1.5 million were being paid to militants who became part of the peace process.

He reiterated that efforts to make Quetta violence-free and to ensure the rule of law were under way, adding that no compromises would be made in this regard. The FC chief said that combined efforts of law enforcement agencies and the administration had helped in improving the law and order situation in the province. 

Earlier, media personnel were given a detailed briefing on the overall law and order situation of the insurgency-hit province.

Reporters were informed that a 500-km trench had been dug along the porous Pak-Afghan border to stop the flow of weapons and narcotics into Pakistan. The width and depth of the trench is 10 feet by 10 feet, said Major General Sher Afgan, adding that it had helped security forces in stemming the flow of narcotics and weapons from Afghanistan into Pakistan.

Baloch rebel leader Allah Nazar is ‘dead’?

August 19, 2015 

Jawad R Awan

LAHORE - The head of a leading separatist party in Balochistan has been ‘killed’, a development that the security sources claim to be their major victory.

Dr Allah Nazar Baloch, chief of Baloch Liberation Front (BLF), an organisation involved in a number of major militant acts in Balochistan, has been taken out in a security operation, claimed security sources.

Some informed Baloch leaders from Mashkay area of Awaran, the home district of Dr Allah Nazar, confirmed to The Nation on Tuesday that the separatist leader has been killed.

Security sources said Dr Allah Nazar was ‘eliminated’ in an intelligence-led operation carried out late night on Eidul Fitr. Ali Nawaz Baloch, another senior BLF commander and brother of Allah Nazar, was also killed in the anti-terror action.

An electronic chip planted by an intelligence mole at the BLF camp guided the security operatives to the location. The soldiers searched the camp when exchange of fire was over but they could not find Dr Allah Nazar or his dead body.

Security sources believed the body of separatist leader might have been left unidentifiable in the mortar shelling or it could have been taken out before the soldiers entered the camp.

Balochistan Frontier Corps Spokesman Khan Wasay neither denied nor confirmed the killing of Dr Allah Nazar. He however said there was no sign that the BLF leader was still alive.

BLF spokesperson Gauhram Baloch had released an old interview of his party chief to certain Baloch media outlets after the operation, claiming the leader was alive. But no fresh audio or video of Dr Allah Nazar has surfaced so far.

Confirming his death, some Baloch leaders belonging to Allah Nazar’s hometown said the militant group fearing demoralisation among its ranks would not announce the death before electing a new chief.

Frontier Corps spokesman said second-line BLF commanders are surrendering along with their foot soldiers after Allah Nazar’s death.

Dr Allah Nazar launched his operations against the state in Awaran, Panjgur and Turbat, coastal line of Balochistan. There has been no major militant activity since the Eid operation.

BLF, considered as the deadliest among the Baloch separatist organisations, made headlines when it claimed responsibility for killing three Chinese engineers in Gwadar on May 2004.

Belonging to a middle class family of Mashkay, Allah Nazar started his political career from the Baloch Students Organisation (BSO). He openly advocated for an armed struggle against the state.

In 2003, he went underground to launch operations against the state. An intelligence agency picked him up in March 2005 from an apartment in Karachi but he was released in August 2006. After his release on bail, he went into hiding again and resumed his subversive activities.

SOURCE:  Facebook

بلوچ قوم کو پریشان ہونے کی کوئی ضرورت نہیں پاکستانی
 اخبارات پاکستان کی طرح جہوٹ فریب کی بنیاد پر چل رہا ہے ڈاکٹر اللہ نذر اگر شہید ہوتا تو بار بار ناپاک کی میڈیا اس بات کو کیوں اچھال رہے ہوتے جبکہ ان کے پاس کوئی ایسا ثبوت نہیں جس وه ثابت کر سکیں کہ ڈاکٹر شہید ہوا ہے دراصل بات یہ ہے کہ ڈاکٹر کی خاموشی نے انہیں مزید پریشان کیا ہوا تبهی تو کبهی تصدیق کرتے ہیں تو کبهی غیر تصدیق اور جو دعوٰے کیے گئے کہ ڈاکٹر صاحب مالار میں شہید ہوا تو میں سب کو بتاتا چلوں کہ ڈاکٹر ہی نہیں پوری ہائی کمان کا میٹنگ ہوا مالار میں آپریشن سے پہلے ہی علاقہ خالی کر چکے تہے یعنی پاکستانی کمانڈوز نے مالار میں صرف ڈاکٹر کو ہدف بنایا اور باقی کمانڈروں کو کچھ نہیں ہوا ؟ ان جہوٹے اخبارات کا مقصد بلوچ عوام کو مایوس کرنا ہے اور بلوچ عوام کی طرف ڈاکٹر پر پریشر ڈالنا چاہتے ہیں کہ ڈاکٹر کوئی بیان دے اور ریاست ڈاکٹر کی زنده رہنے کی خبر کا تصدیق کر سکے اور پوری طاقت کے ساتھ آواران مشکے اور مکران کہ باقی علاقوں میں قابض لشکر فضائی اور ہزاروں زمینی دستوں کے ساتھ حملہ ور ہوں،شاید میری اس بات پر کوئی سوچے گا کہ ان علاقوں میں آپریشن پہلے سے ہو رہا ہے تو اب تصدیق ہونے کی کیا ضرورت ہے. تصدیق ہونے کی ضرورت اس لیے ہے کہ گوادر چائینہ اکنامک کوریڈور منصوبہ میں رکاوٹ ڈاکٹر اللہ نذر جس کو ختم کرنے کہ لیے ایسا آپریشن کرنا چاہتے ہیں جو شاید ہی بلوچستان کی تاریخ میں نہ ہوا ہو جس سے ریاست کو پہلے سے کئی زیادہ مالی اور جانی نقصانات کے خسائر کے امکانات ہوسکتے ہیں جس کا ریسک وه پہلے نہیں آٹها سکتے اسی لیے وه پہلے تصدیق کرنا چاہتے ہیں، 

ڈاکٹر اللہ نذر کی اور بھی بہت مجبوریاں ہیں جس کی وضاحت بزات ڈاکٹر خود صحیح وقت آنے پر کرے گے بلوچ عوام سے اپیل ہے سرکاری پروپگنڈہ کا یقین نہ کریں اور ان کی ارمانوں پر پانی پھیر دیں زالم دشمن کی شکست یقینی ہے،

ڈاکٹر للہ نزر سلامت بات 
آزاد بلوچستان زنده باد

SOURCE: Facebook

سب سے بڑا مزاحمت کار‘ڈاکٹر اللہ نذر بارے انتہائی بڑی خبر آگئی

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  1. We ask the rulers in Islamabad and the Baloch rebels to find a political solution of the Balochistan's conflict through negotiation and dialogue and end the ongoing blood shed. There is no military solution to any conflict but dialogue and negotiations are the only way out. The Violence begets more violence and violence has no place in today's civilized world. All matters of differences should be resolved peacefully using conflict resolution techniques, dialogue, negotiations and peaceful means of struggle.

    We ask the rulers to immediately convene the long over due APC on Balochistan to pave the way for a dialogue and negotiation to find a permanent peaceful solution of Balochistan's conflict peacefully within the federation.

    The confidence and trust building measures should be put in place to remove the sense of alienation, deprivation and marginalization among Balochs to win their hearts and minds by accepting their genuine demands without any hesitation and further delay to make them feel accommodated and counted citizens of Pakistan.

    BCNA also asks all Baloch militants to declare a unilateral cease fire, lay down their arms, shun the path of violence and militancy and join hands with the democratic forces to secure the Baloch genuine rights through peaceful and non-violent means of struggle.

    Too much blood have been shed. It time for a political peaceful solution of Balochistan's conflict based on BNCA's recommendations and Formula.