Sunday, May 31, 2015

A Formula to resolve the Balochistan's conflict peacefully within the Federation of Pakistan.

WASHINGTON, D.C: The Baloch Council of North America (BCNA) believe that Balochistan's problem is a political one and should be addressed as such. Use of force is not a solution in any conflict but the negotiations and dialogues are the only way out. If we can talk to Taliban why can't we talk to the Baloch militants?? We ask the rulers to immediately convene the long over due APC on Balochistan to pave the way for dialogue and negotiation to find a permanent peaceful solution of Balochistan's conflict peacefully within the federation.

The confidence and trust building measures should be put in place to remove the sense of alienation, deprivation and marginalization among Balochs to win their hearts and minds by accepting their genuine demands without any hesitation and further delay to make them feel accommodated and counted citizens of Pakistan.

BCNA  also asks all Baloch militants to declare a unilateral cease fire, lay down their arms, shun the path of violence and militancy and join hands with the democratic forces to secure the Baloch genuine rights through peaceful and non-violent means of struggle.

Balochs are patriotic Pakistani and they must work for the betterment of their country and not be misguided by few paid Indian agents who themselves are enjoying luxury life in Europe but want the ordinary Baloch to fight their dirty war of business. Balochistan needs peace and prosperity not war and violence.

Those who incite violence and support terrorism in Balochistan are not friend of Baloch people but are the real enemies. They must be denounced, challenged, countered and defeated.

Following 4 steps initially must be taken to get started:

1. To announce a general amnesty to all Baloch militants who wants to end their war against the state and wants to live a peaceful life as a peaceful citizen.

2. Unconditional release of all Baloch missing persons, who have been forcibly disappeared by the FC, so that they re-join with their family members.

3.  A compensation package for those who's loves one got killed, kidnapped and tortured to be announced and dispensed directly to the victim's family members with full transparency.

4. An APC on Balochistan to address the Baloch genuine demands and reservations honestly and sincerely.

The List of Baloch Genuine demands. 

1. Military operation must end unconditionally and immediately.

2. All those Baloch who have been forcibly disappeared by FC and are missing must be released and allowed to re-join with their family members and law-enforcement officers who broke the law or committed crimes against Baloch citizens must be brought to justice. No one has the right to be the Judge, Jury and Executioner and no one should be above the law or act as such.

3. A compensation package for those who's loves one got killed, kidnapped and tortured must be announced and dispensed directly to the victim's family members with full transparency.

4. Homeless Baloch IDP's must be returned back to their homes with honor and dignity, rehabilitated and compensated.

5. The mostly Pashtun-based Frontier Corps must be removed from all Baloch cities and towns in Balochistan and replaced by local jobless Balochs youths. 

6. All FC check post should be dismantled in Balochistan and the Pastun-based Frontier Corps should be deployed along the Pak-Afghan border in Pashtun areas to control the border.

7. All Afghan refugees living in Balochistan must be returned back to Afghanistan and their names removed from the Balochistan's voter registration lists and their Pakistani National ID Cards and Passport should be cancelled. 

8. The historic territorial integrity and demography of Balochistan, land of the Baloch, must not be changed. Balochistan’s boundaries to be re-drawn based on historical, ethnic and linguistic lines and all Pashtun areas of Balochistan should be joined with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and Baloch areas of Punjab, the Dera Ghazi Khan and Rajanpur,  be re-joined back to Balochistan.

9. Gwadar Port, Rekodiq Gold and Silver deposits, Sandak Project and all other Balochistan's natural resources must be used to build Balochistan's roads and infrastructures and uplift the backward Baloch people.

10. Baloch national identity and Balochi culture must be honored, preserved, restored and respected. Balochi language must be declared Balochistan's primary language of learning.

11. Baloch, especially the ordinary middle class, must be well represented at all the federal level and in foreign services to remove their sense of deprivation and alienation to make them feel as accommodated and counted citizens.

12. Pakistan should be re-named as the United States of Pakistan (USP) and be declared as a federation of four autonomous individual States, Viz, Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan and Pakhtunkhwa, where all federating units should be treated and represented equally in all federal departments including the armed forces and foreign services.

13. Center should only keep the defense, currency and foreign affairs and all other departments, including the foreign trade, taxation and Communication, should be given to the federating units with full autonomy. 

14. Every federating unit should be allowed to take care of their internal security apparatus according to their needs and resources and all federating units should be free to promote their National identity, language, culture and traditions without any fear, intimidation or coercing.

BCNA believe that Pakistan belongs to all Balochs, Sindhis, Punjabis, Sarikis and Pashtuns and all of them have the equal right to promote their National identity, language, culture and traditions without any fear, intimidation or coercing.

BCNA believe in diversity. We believe that diversity is a power and not a cause of disunity or fragmentation. Pakistan's rich cultural and ethnic diversity must be honored and strengthened as it will help promote harmony among different religious and ethnic groups and nationalities.

In order to bring peace and harmony in Pakistan, an atmosphere of friendship, co-operation, tolerance, mutual respect, understanding and accommodation among all nationalities in Pakistan should be promoted, supported and encouraged. The terrorism, religious extremism and violence should be denounced in its all forms and shapes.


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