Sunday, February 1, 2015

BCNA membership campaign launched

Feb 1, 2015

WASHINGTON D.C: The Baloch Council of North America (BCNA), a Baloch premier body in North America, have launched it's first membership campaign to spread its positive message for peace and reconciliation in Balochistan.

"We are reaching out to all Baloch Diaspora members in North America, Canada, Europe and Gulf States to ask them to join the BCNA platform and help us secure Baloch rights within the federation of Pakistan through dialogue, negotiations and peaceful non-violent means of struggle", said Dr. Wahid Baloch, President and founder of BCNA. 

 The Baloch Council of North America (BCNA) was formed on May 30th, 2014 by Dr. Wahid Baloch after he announced disassociation of the so called war of independence of Nawabs and Sardars, imposed upon the poor and ordinary Baloch people. He said, his decision was based on facts and ground realities and he thanked to all of those who  appreciated his positive gesture and offered help and support to solve Balochistan's problems within the federation peacefully. 

"Those who are pushing the ordinary Baloch people for their war profiteering business into this so called "war of independence" are equally responsible for their killings", he warned.

 He announced that the BCNA will replace the  policy of hate and bigotry with the policy of  love, mutual respect and understanding, cooperation, confidence and trust building, tolerance and accommodation.

He asked the Baloch youths to shun the path of violence and join hands with the democratic forces to secure the Baloch rights within the federation through non-violent and peaceful means of struggle and he asked them to concentrate on their education. 

Baloch Council of North America (BCNA) is the new emerging voice of all Balochs, especially the ordinary middle class Baloch men and women, both inside and outside Balochistan, to inspire, lead and empower them and prepare them for the future challenges. It was formed with following aims and objectives.

1. BCNA believe in diversity. We believe that diversity is a power and not a cause of disunity or fragmentation. Pakistan's rich cultural and ethnic diversity must be honored and strengthened as it will help promote harmony among different religious and ethnic groups and nationalities. 

2. BCNA is to promote love, peace and harmony among all Nationalities and ethnic groups in Pakistan and it will work against the policy of hate, marginalization and discrimination in its all forms and shapes.

3. BCNA will work with all democratic forces to ensure the rule of law, transparency and equal opportunity for all are guaranteed and BCNA will make sure that Baloch resources are used for the uplift of ordinary Baloch people and that the ordinary Baloch are represented in all domestic and foreign services to serve their country. 

4. BCNA will not work against the national integrity of Pakistan nor will be a part of those who are trying to break up the country. Instead, BCNA will support, defend and protect all democratic and national institutions in Pakistan and work within the law and constitution of Pakistan to ensure the Baloch Genuine rights are protected, respected, honored and guaranteed within the Pakistan.

5. BCNA believe Pakistan belongs to all Balochs, Sindhis, Punjabis, Sarikis and Pashtuns. Everybody is equal before the law and should be treated as such. The Baloch rights, like the rights of any other citizen, are sacred and can not be violated, taken away or circumvented by any pretext or under any circumstances. No one should be above the law nor any one should have the right to be the judge jury and executioner without the due process of law. 

BCNA invites all Baloch Diaspora members, patriotic Baloch leaders, activists and stake-holders to shun the negative politics of  hate, bigotry and violence and join the BCNA for a more realistic, positive and constructive dialogue that can help resolve the Balochistan's problems peacefully and secure the Baloch rights within the Pakistan.

"It is time that we must chose a more realistic approach and set aside our personal egos, differences and grudges for the greater interest of our people in Balochistan. Our suffering people back home expect us to be more realistic, mature and demonstrate a responsible behavior. We must not fall short of theirs expectations nor fail them in their hopes and dreams. Let's make the dream of every Baloch come true by joining hands with each other and standing firm in unity", said Dr. Baloch.

Any one who is interested to join the BCNA, open it's chapter or volunteer in any capacity will be welcomed and highly appreciated. Please join us to write a new chapter in the history of Balochistan for peace and progress. BCNA will lead, inspire and defend Baloch rights, land, coasts and resources for all Baloch people within the federation of Pakistan. 

BCNA reiterates that it will continue to work with all democratic and nationalist forces inside Pakistan to secure the Baloch rights through democratic, non-violent and peaceful means within the federation of Pakistan and that the BCNA is against terrorism, violence and extremism in all of its forms and shapes.


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