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Ziarat residency attack report submitted to Balochistan CM

Dr Abdul Malik Baloch
QUETTA - An initial investigation report on the attack on Quaid-e-Azam Residency in Ziarat was submitted to Balochistan Chief Minister Dr Abdul Malik on Wednesday.

The chief minister said strict action would be taken against those who had been negligent in performing their duties.

He said national assets would be protected at all costs.

The chief minister also suspended DPO‚ Ziarat deputy commissioner‚ and the SHO deputed at the residency.

DC, DPO, SHO suspended over Quaid’s residency attack

June 26, 2013 - Updated 1310 PKT
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QUETTA: Balochistan Chief Minister, Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch Wednesday suspended Ziarat Deputy commissioner (DC), District Police officer (DPO) and the Station House Officer (SHO) for their negligence as regards to the attack at the residency of the Quaid-e-Azam, Geo News reported.

Balochistan government’s handout issued here said that after having received initial investigation report about this horrific incident, the chief minister has suspended the DC Tahir Nadeem, DPO Asghar Ali for their negligence over the attack on Quaid’s residency.

Besides, Ziarat SHO, DSP and the two guards at the residency have also been suspended, the handout said.

Balochistan CM said that any laxity in protecting the national assets would not be tolerated and added the historical national assets’ safety would be ensured under any circumstances.,-DPO,-SHO-suspended-over-Quaids-residency-attack

DPO, SHO Ziarat suspended for poor security of Quaid’s residency

Wednesday, 26 June 2013 14:07 Posted by Parvez Jabri 24

QUETTE: Balochistan government on Wednesday suspended the District Police Officer Ziarat, Station House Officer Ziarat and the two police constables deployed for security of Quaid-e-Azam residency.

Balochistan Home department sources told APP here that DPO Ziarat Asghar Ali, SHO Liaqat Ali and the constables had been suspended after they found guilty of negligee in evolving effective security plan for Quaid's residency Ziarat.

The historic Quid-e-Azam residency in Ziarat district had been destroyed in an attack by unidentified miscreants on June 15 last.

Ziarat residency attack: Report submitted to Balochistan govt

QUETTA: Chief Minister Balochistan Dr. Malik Baloch on Wednesday said that report investigating the bombing of the Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah residency in Ziarat has been submitted to the provincial government.
On June 15, militants had blown up the historic residency in Ziarat where the founder of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah had spent the last days of his life.
Speaking on a point of order during the Balochistan Assembly session on Wednesday, Dr. Baloch said the deputy commissioner, district police officer, SHO and four guards of Ziarat were suspended as result of initial investigation report.
He said provincial government had taken serious notice of attack on Ziarat residency and that security was now tightened in and around residency to avoid such kinds of incidents in future.
He said that reforms would be brought in the police and levies forces to improve the law and order situation in the province.
Wrapping up the debate on the financial budget for the year 2013-14, Dr. Baloch stated that the police and levies force need to be reformed to meet the challenge of growing terrorism.
He said that restoration of peace in the restive province was priority of his government. “All decisions would be made on merit,” he reiterated during the assembly session that thoroughly discussed the budget.
He assured that he has not spent a single penny from the secret funds allotted to the chief minister during the last ten days. “If someone proved a single penny against me, i am ready for severe punishment,” he assured the House.
Governor Balochistan adjourned the Balochistan Assembly session until June 28.

Plea for a park at Ziarat Residency

AS dust settles on the destruction of Jinnah Residency in Ziarat and Pakistanis have expressed their point of view on this unfortunate incident, including an apology to the Quaid and recommendations to rebuild the historic building, there is another point of view for consideration by the federal and the provincial government.

The destruction of the Jinnah Residency was a manifestation of the position adopted by separatist elements that by destroying the Residency they were rejecting Pakistan and Jinnah but nothing that Jinnah stated is embedded in wood, stone, brick or mortar. Pakistan, according to Jinnah, was a moral and intellectual achievement.

Jinnah’s principles, ideals, views, statements and vision for Pakistan are part of recorded history and forms part of the print and electronic media and are in the hearts and minds of scholars, historians, writers and the people of Pakistan.  A rejection of Jinnah’s Pakistan by destroying the Jinnah Residency will not deter the people of Pakistan.

The federal and provincial governments should seriously follow the policy of winning the hearts and minds of all the Baloch and ensure that the province gets it due and legitimate share of all resources. Grievances of the Baloch should be addressed and removed. The rule of law should be established.

Rebuilding the Residency as suggested by some patriotic Pakistanis is not a feasible proposition because the new Jinnah Residency could be destroyed once again.  Instead of rebuilding, the area should be demarcated and a simple but beautiful garden park should be built and a plaque with a photograph of the residency be set up at an appropriate place stating that this is where the Jinnah Residency stood before it was destroyed by separatist militants. More information on the Residency should be placed in a Museum and Library in Quetta for the information of students, scholars and those interested in Pakistan history. This would, in the present troubled times, be an appropriate course of action.


Terrorist attack on Quaid’s residency

June 16, 2013

Being a History student, it came as sad news to me that Pakistan’s founding father’s residence was attacked on June 15 in Ziarat where, amongst other things, his personal belongings were all destroyed. Ziarat is popular for its natural beauty and for being Quaid’s last abode during his days of illness.

It came as no surprise to me as many started raising questions regarding his stay in Ziarat at the time. Despite the unavailability of doctors and lack of medical facilities in this region, he was shifted there and while being brought back to Karachi, his health deteriorated and he died in the ambulance.

In my opinion, Quaid, a visionary man, was opposed by many — some of whom conspired against him and purposefully kept him away from medical facilities and practitioners, which played a part in his death. Thus, just like his predecessor, Liaquat Ali khan, who was assassinated in Liaquat Bagh, Quaid-e-Azam met with the same fate by standing up against oppressive forces and challenging their status quo.

We see history repeating itself once again. The same players, who conspired against the father of the nation, are not happy with recent political developments. They are plotting and the attack on Quaid’s residency is part of their big game plan to arouse anger amongst the masses, resulting in demonstrations and protests across the country.

This will not only disrupt economic activity but also create law and order problems for the new government.

Instead of bringing peace and prosperity in the region, the government will react under pressure which will lead to insurgency in Balochistan. The country will play right into the conspirators’ hands.

Now, it is upon us to identify those who plotted against Quaid at a time when the nation needed him and attacked his residency at a time when Balochistan needs peace and prosperity. If we fail to recognise those who conspire against our nation this time, just like we failed in 1948, then we will suffer by losing Balochistan just like we lost Bangladesh in 1971.

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