Sunday, June 9, 2013

Law & order: Malik seeks help

June 10, 2013

Chief Minister Balochistan Dr Abdul Malik Baloch Sunday announced he was abolishing secret and all discretionary funds. "I pledge that I would not take even a single paisa from secret and discretionary funds and I also announce that I am abolishing all secret and discretionary funds on permanent basis." He was addressing the Balochistan Assembly session that was presided over by Speaker Jan Muhammad Jamali.

Malik hoped that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and military leadership would extend their full co-operation to the Balochistan government to help resolve long standing issues, especially pertaining to law and order. "We will meet Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif to inform him about problems of Balochistan and to get his co-operation in this regard," he said.

He said the major problems of Balochistan included missing persons, decomposed bodies, targeted killings, kidnapping for ransom, religious extremism and mass migration of people from Balochistan to other provinces due to poor conditions. He said he was aware that he had to face great challenges. "I am optimistic that the federal government and the military leadership would also play their role in finding out resolutions of these issues."

Malik said he was ready to meet angry Baloch youths living on mountains to bring them back in mainstream. He said he would expose illegal allotment of government lands in Gwadar and Pasni. He said he could not tolerate corruption and misappropriation of government funds. "Enough is enough and no more corruption," he said. He said that mining sector would also be made free of mafia. He lamented that doctors and teachers usually did not perform their duties at hospitals and schools and the health and education sectors of the province were badly affected.

He said that improvement could not be brought in the system until lawmakers discouraged "approach culture" in posting of secretaries, commissioners, deputy commissioners and other officials. He said that 'approach culture' had badly damaged the structure of our law enforcement agencies and increased crime rates. He warned that stern departmental action would be taken against government employees including senior officials, doctors and teachers if they were found absent from their duties. "We would have to avoid making compromise on principles."

He said that after the passage of 18th Amendment, provinces had received a lot of share in national resources and now they were able to get their problems solved with their own resources. He said he was determined to solve problems faced by citizens of Quetta, especially scarcity of potable water. Parliamentary leaders including Sardar Sanaullah Zehri of PML-N, Maulana Abdul Wasey of JUI-F, Abdul Rahim Ziaratwal of PkMAP, Eng Zamark Piralizai of ANP, Sheikh Jaffar Mandokhel of PML-Q and others felicitated Dr Malik for becoming Chief Minister. Later, the house was prorogued.

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